Friday, February 23, 2007

This Anna Nicole Stuff

This stuff is driving me nuts. I can't get any news on TV anymore. She never did anything of note other than pose for Playboy. OK...she screwed an old man and he left her a bunch of money. Where she is buried though has no relevance to my life. Show me news about the candidates, the stock market, and Iraq. I don't care about this celebrity crap. That's what E! is for and not CNN, FoxNews, etc. These stations are pure crap.

Only thing about this whole thing that gave me a chuckle was the slobbering judge. His display was just too much. I couldn't help, but laugh.

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aylee said...

I'm tired of hearing about her, too. But I understand why the press keeps talking about her. A lot of people do get interested in these kinds of stuff. I remember Colleen mentioning in her blog that she got a ton of hits from google search of Anna Nicole's daughter. Maybe I should blog about Anna Nicole lol. I need the traffic.