Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Golden Donkey Awards Ted Murphy wants to give out Golden Donkey awards. In a recent post on the PPP Blog he fired back about an article by David Berkowitz (Sorry, thought he was a serial killer until I read the post) and gives him a Golden Donkey Award for his comments about how ineffective he says PPP is compared to "traditional" methods.

Now that we are talking about blog marketing and what it can do for advertisers I simply love it when PPP gets badmouthed on blogs. Every time I see it they get overrun with traffic. Blogs that are relatively obscure somehow become a super blog overnight with their ramblings about how it is bad for the internet. Surely PPP isn't bad for them. I wouldn't even know who the heck they were had they not been talking about PPP. In fact most of them I would never visit again unless they were talking about PPP their sites are so full of pay per click ads and annoying flashing banners that I have a hard time even finding their posts. At least PPP gives bloggers some sort of creative license in the way they advertise on their blogs. You may argue that the content related ads on their sites are taken from their titles and that they do have control over them, but tell me how often you go to a site about technology and a guy wants to get a bit creative with his titles? Next thing you know there are ads on the site for Atheism, snow blowers, and tickets to see Ice Cube.

I give a Golden Donkey Award to every blogger that uses PPP to make a name for themselves by ripping company on thier blogs. You're not fooling anyone my firends. You got just as good a deal as the posties at PPP when you decided to start your rantings. You should be kissing a framed photograph of Ted Murphy on your nightstand every night before you fall off to sleep.

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