Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bocce Ball

I was reading Everday Weekender's blog and saw a post about Bocce Ball on there. He explains the rules of the game for the correct way to play.

My friends and I used to play Bocce ball all the time. It's like horseshoes in a way where it is a drunken yard game. On his post he describes the course parameters and the official rules. We just had a couple acre of property to play on so we went all over the place to play.

It was all good fun. If we had too many people we called them the "Celebrity judge". This guy would enforce the rules, and just make stupid comments like any sports commentator would. It's just funny. Add in the fact everyone is drinking so it makes it even more fun.

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AzDana said...

I really like the idea of designating a "celebrity judge" and may use it at my next family gathering.