Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Power blogging today friends

After taking all this time to relax I am kind of looking for a bit of an Energy Boost and just loaded up on it. My fingers are flying and I may just make about 100 posts today. With the "dofollow" revolution underway I will be writing posts and making comments all day today to get myself back into the game. Still waiting on the PR update so I can take advantage of my domains that have much better stats right now. Things are looking bright.


kat said...

I have had the dofollow thing for years. It's amazing people are just now discovering it. That's one of the cool features of MT. About a year ago, they made a nofollow plugin to combat spam. I never installed it.

Cynthia Blue said...

GADS I hope the PR update ends soon, too. I have a new domain name and want to get a bit of a ranking. I also just installed dofollow, glad I found out about it.