Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Contradictory News On Dontrelle Willis

I suppose I made the mistake of actually taking what Lynn Henning said as plausible the other day since he is like Killer Kowalski in being wrong constantly. Recent news has shown that he is probably way off on the matter:

Tigers | Willis gains velocity
Tue, 23 Mar 2010 06:09:18 -0700
The Detroit News' Tom Gage reports Detroit Tigers SP Dontrelle Willis threw every pitch at least 90 mph in his one-inning relief stint Monday, March 22. After the bridge outing, his ERA sits at 0.82. He'll start Thursday, March 25.

After reading that Willis had back spasms in his last start I gave Henning some credit, but it appears he may not be on the mark at all. Considering that Willis has improved velocity (this is common as ST progresses so not a huge deal), and that he is going to pitch tomorrow as a starter it appears he was a little premature.

I guess he is still fighting for his job as they are still trying to lock down the last 2 spots in the rotation. Bonderman seems to be a lock, but it appears that Willis has just as good a chance at it as Robertson does. Basically, the chance I have at teaching you how to treat acne.

We shall see. With what Willis is getting paid, and his ERA still being below 1.00 it is hard to imagine that they don't at least start the season with him getting some starts. Then go from there.

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