Thursday, March 25, 2010

Willis Has Rocky Start, but Only Gives Up 1 ER in 4 Innings

Dontrelle Willis still fighting for the #5 spot in the Tigers rotation walked the first two batters he faced today en route to 1ER in the first inning. He went 4 innings, and stayed at 1 ER, but didn't look sharp at all. He was very hittable, and this is coming against a very weak Toronto Blue Jays line up.

He did hit 94 MPH on the radar gun, and hit 92 MPH several times, and had 3 strikeouts to go with 3 BBs. Two Ks in the 4th inning. While the numbers aren't bad, he hit the backstop a couple times, and his delivery was very slow. He even gave up a double steal at one point.

He had trouble finding the zone all day, and he didn't appear to really challenge hitters, or look as if he could challenge a legit line up. The only swings and misses he got were bad pitches against inexperienced hitters.

HE still has a shot to make the team as the #5 starter, but at this point you probably don't want to take a Dontrelle Willis jersey through a barcode scanner anytime soon as he may not make it either.

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