Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rams Trading For McNabb?

A lot of rumors today that the St. Louis Rams, who hold the #1 overall pick int he draft may be seeking a trade with Philadelphia to acquire Donavon McNabb. The rumor is that they will give him a new contract, and send the Eagles their 2nd round pick (#33 overall).

Most have theorized that the Rams were gong to take Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford #1 overall. This would leave the Lions free to take virtually anyone they wanted in the draft, and not have to worry at all about what the Rams do. If they make this trade things change dramatically.

Of course we have to wonder WHY the Rams would even make this trade. They aren't going to be any good anytime soon. McNabb probably doesn't have more than 2-3 years left in him so he isn't a future QB. They have taken linemen for about the last decade and probably aren't all that high on taking another one in this draft either. So...are they considering taking Bradford STILL even if they get McNabb and let him mentor the kid, or let his injury heal more? Who knows, if the kid is ready, or not. He certainly seems to be injury prone, and could use some help how to build muscle fast. I just know that this trade makes little sense for a team that is so far away from a winning team.

It may help the Lions in the trade down aspect, but highly unlikely. The Tampa Bay Bucs don't need a QB either so no reason for anyone seeking one to trade up to #2. Only reason to trade up is to get Suh, or McCoy.

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