Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Singing Valverde Looking Good For Tigers?

Last week I heard and interview with Alex Avila where he was asked about the pitchers in spring that have impressed him the most so far. He mentioned most of the new guys like Scherzer, but it seemed like he was most impressed, and quite surprised at just how good Jose Valverde, the Tigers' new closer actually is.

MLive has a story posted in the last couple hours that seems to continue Avila's surprise.

While not entirely based on his pitching, although they do mention that he hasn't allowed a run in his 6 IP so far this spring, it has more to do with the standard annual problem. Guys like Zumaya aren't ready, and continue to be a burden.

According to the article some of these guys are probably better off learning how to use the best seo software than to try pitching:

Joel Zumaya has been too sick to pitch. And, when he was in there, opposing batters were teeing off on his straight-as-a-ruler fastball. Perry has allowed eight runs -- six earned -- and four home runs in eight innings. Fien was released, had sips of coffee with the Red Sox and Blue Jays, but is now back with Detroit. Zach Miner is fighting an elbow injury. And, Bobby Seay is visiting Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. to have his shoulder examined. That's rarely a good sign for a pitcher.

What a surprise. Zoom is sick/injured again, and pitching like crap. Welcome to year 4 of this circus.

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