Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lions Going to Sign Pacman Jones?

It looks like they are doing a lot of looking, and kicking the tires on Pacman the last week, or so. The Lions were among a handful of teams that observed a workout of Pacman last week in New Orleans, and have been rumored to be interested ever since. GM Martin Mayhew even came out and discussed Pacman publicly this week and said that they could use his "skill set" on the team. Duh, our CBs suck hard.

Before you can figure out what glucosamine sulphate is, the Lions will probably pay Pacman more than twice as much as any other team is willing to do. Nobody wants to touch the troubled CB, but he is on his last chance. There are many reasons to think that you are going to get the best he has to offer next season. If you don't, you better have a contract that makes it so it doesn't hurt to kick him off the team.

I am all for the signing. I honestly don't care about his troubles. I don't know him. Neither do you. If he plays well, great. If not...we still suck anyways so what's the big deal?

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