Monday, January 18, 2010

Anyone Know Who to Pick in the NFL Championship Games Anymore?

I thought that I had a good grasp on the NFL playoffs going in, but I have been completely wrong on quite a few of these games. I didn't expect Arizona to lay down this week. I actually thought that the Green Bay Packers might even make it as far as the NFC title game before losing to Minnesota. I was convinced that New Orleans just wasn't playing well enough to advance from their first game. LO @ me.

One thing I was pretty confident in though was that both Dallas, and the San diego Chargers were probably going to choke at some point. If you have watched th NFL for the last decade you have seen the San Diego Chargers with as stacked with talent as any team in the NFL. They seem to alway be there with a lot of regular season wins, and a ton of pro-bowlers. Then they blow it when the playoffs come. This year was no different when they ran into the NY Jets defensive buzzsaw.

Tony Romo...yeah...this guy is the definition of "choker". Dallas is just like San Diego. They have tons of All-pro athletes, and are always considered one of the most talented teams in the league. Then when it comes down to actually winning a big game, they are nowhere to be found. Romo is usually the reason for it. This time Minnesota laid a defensive whooping on them. do we go about this weekend in the Jets/Colts and the Vikings./Saints match ups? All I know is that I expect both games to be incredible. The Jets/Colts game I think may be a borefest if you aren't a big fan of Darrell Revis and the Jets defense. I have to go with the Colts though. Manning is good enough to tear them up, and funnily enough, if the Colts wouldn't have given up on the undefeated season in Week 16, the jet wouldn't even be in the playoffs right now. I'm sure J-E-T-S fans will CLAp at that silly mistake all week.

As for the Vikings/ Saints? Man this game could be really, really good. Both teams played outstanding this past weekend. Both put up big numbers on offense, and both played solid D. Great d in the Vikings case. I am leaning toward the Minnestoa Favre's, but anything can happen here. I just don't think that the Saints D is gonna be able to do as much as they did against Arizona with the superior Minnesota O-Line, but they are a team of takeaways. Anything can happen when you have the USC Reggie Bush playing at his best though.

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