Sunday, January 17, 2010

Detroit Tigers: Valverde Signed, and Johnny Damon Rumored?

While I didn't say anything at the time about the Jose Valverde signing last week, I don't really see a ton wrong with it. Dombrowski said all along he wanted to sign a veteran closer in the off-season and he didn't waste a lot of time beating around the bush. Jose Valverde has signed a two-year, $14 million deal with the Tigers that includes a third-year option for $9 million.

This also costs us our 1st round pick, however as Valverde is a Type-A free agent. So...Houston gets our 1st rounder as a compensatory pick in the next draft. MAny probably are upset about the pick since we seem to be rebuilding, but I don't think we really are to that extent. OF course having a 1st rounder is always nice, but odds are that the pick may actually cost more than Valverde would anyways.

IF you know me, you know that I am always for signing high end closers every year regardless of need. They are a great insurance policy every year. Especially this year with the loss of the first rounder. When the Tigers are inevitably out of the pennant race we can rape just about any team in need of a closer for prospects anyways. Ones we know probably are more proven than the one we were going to draft, and closer to MLB ready. Small consolation I guess, but closers are worth a lot more than people realize in trades. Just remember the Ugeth Urbina for Placido Polanco trade several years back and feel comforted.

People are also needing hemorrhoid treatment for their flare ups about a rumor that said OFer Johnny Damon could possibly sign with Detroit. They say if we were cutting payroll, then why are we trying to sign this guy? They may have a point, but DD never actually said they were rebuilding, and personally I think that Granderson was probably about as valuable as he was ever going to get in the trade market. IF Scherzer becomes what I think he can, then we made out just fine anyways.

As for Damon? Could care less either way. He would be a great help to the offense that's for sure. It's just the money that matters, and it doesn't matter to me because I don't pay him. He has the power Grandy did, and he is a lefty we need. He can also at least come up to bat against lefties. He's not great, but .270 BA and .332 OBP is a heck of a lot better than the .183/.245 Grandy was sporting.

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