Monday, January 18, 2010

Do People Actually Still Act Like Mark Sanchez is the Sanchize?

I'll admit that I was hardcore anti-Sanchez going into the draft before the season. I didn't wnat anything to do with him. I wanted Stafford for the Lions, and I got what I wanted. Am I having second thoughts? No way.

Even if you want to give Sanchez a lot of credit for not doing anything WRONG in his 2 playoff games, you can't be that high on him can you? He actually had an INT in the game against SD. HE only threw for like 120 yards, and had little to nothing to do with them winning.

Of course the old Trent Dilfer argument is going to arise. I don't care about whether the Jets win it all, or any playoff games for that matter. This is down to who is the going to be the better QB. Sanchez isn't taking over games. He is is "play not to lose" mode and the Jets are praying that he doesn't make them lose.

Darrell Revis is the man that is making the fat burner supplements a necessity for WRs who can't get away from him. Sanchez seem like he is just a glorified pretty boy, that hands off the ball. Put Stafford on that team and I will almost guarantee you that he is much, much more dynamic, and that team is a much better offense. Argue all you want, but I will not change my mind on this.

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