Monday, January 18, 2010

Darrell Revis Shouldn't Have Been Defeensive Player of the Year?

I know everyone has seen his hit list of superstar WRs he has shut down this year by now, but I doubt many have seen him actually play until yesterday against the Chargers in the Jets 2nd playoff game. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some Charles Woodson from my favorite college team the Michigan Wolverines, but Darrell Revis was just way too good not to win.

Look at this list of victims:

andre johnson - 4/35 7 targets
moss 4/24, 5/34/1 8 and 11 targets
ochocinco 0/0, 2/28 4 and 6 targets
wayne 3/33 7 targets
s. smith (Carolina) 1/5 7 targets
TO 3/13, 3/31 8 and 9 targets
r. white 4/33 10 targets
colston 2/33 6 targets

I will admit that I was as shocked as anyone to see the Chargers have such a hard time scoring against the Jets. I knew their defense was amazing, and that Revis was just a flat out stud, but damn I expected the Chargers to get some points and Sanchez to be the reason the Jets lost due to lack of scoring. Boy was I wrong.

So...who made the biggest play in the game? Obviously, it was the Revis INT that turned the game around. Revis won't make the no xplode reviews list anytime soon because he is always blowing up on the field.

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