Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh boy...That Arizona New Orleans Game Sure Was Let Down

New Orleans came out and put a 45-14 whoopin' on the Cardinals last night. Even with Tim Hightower taking the opening offensive play of the game 70 yards for a TD, the Cardinals never looked like they were in the game after about 3 minutes in.

New Orleans came right back and marched down the field to tie it up on the ensuing drive with no problems. Then Arizona and Kurt Warner settled in for a vicious beating. Warner even had to leave the game for the end of the first half after getting his head bashed in. Some say it will be his last game. He is getting up there in age and ready for best wrinkle treatments by now, but after his 5 TD game against Green Bay last week many don't think he will hang them up.

The best thing about the game I think was the re-emergence of the great Reggie Bush. HE looked like he was locked in for the first time in a very long time. He ran hard and north/south. His 40+ yard TD was a classic run the second you saw it. Then he proceeded to do it all even returning a punt for a TD. USC Reggie Bush was in the house and my dreams of the Saints cutting him and the Lions signing him in the off season were dashed.

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