Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Think I Need To Switch Back To DirecTV

When you switch cable companies it is like a gamble as to what stations you actually end up with when they leave your house. I don't care how much you have reviewed the packages on the website, or even what the person you ordered from told you, you never have all the channels you think you are gonna have.

Half the time you get a new channel you love in the switch, but lose another one in the same stroke. Like when I first switched from Dish Network to DIRECT TV I had stuff like NFL Network, but I didn't have a bunch of local sports stations I wanted for the Pistons.

So then I decided to switch to another provider from DIRECTTV and ended up getting some of those, and getting MLB Network (This station is gold for fantasy), but at the same time I lost NFL network and a ton of regular season games that they play later in the season. Not to mention all the NFL Replays where you get to watch condensed versions of the weeks' games.

Now that the NFL season is almost over I'm not as worried about it,b ut when this contract runs out I will probably switch back to DIRECTV simply for NFL Network and the ability to get the MLB Ticket for all the MLB games that you can't get on most other providers. I don't know, it is just annoying.

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