Monday, January 18, 2010

Been a While...Let's Give the 0-16 Lions a Flashback Tribute

I'm sure many of you Lions fans are with me in that watching the NFL playoffs without the Lions in it is basically just the wya things have always been. We have to pretend to be fans of teams we would never root for any other year because we have absolutely no chance to ever be in the playoffs ourselves.

The Super Bowl has been played in Detroit TWICE in my lifetime, and the Lions have won only 1 playoff game since the first one was at the Pontiac Silverdome in Super Bowl XVI. They whooped the Dallas Cowboys 38-6 I remember in a 1991 playoff game, but got killed in the NFC Championship game by the Redskins 41-10.

Most fof the players we have seen on this team since the 90s when we actually made the playoffs a few times are out of the league within a couple years. That is unless Millen drafted them in the top 10, paid them a ton of money, and refused to cut them loose. Almost all of his picks probably should have just stayed in school and gotten IT Jobs, or soemthing rather than play for the Lions. oh wait...the Lions pay everyone they sign 5 x as much as any other team would.

Well...when you watch excellence like we see in the NFL playoffs it is only fitting to give us the ultimate accomplishment that our Lions will ever give us. An accomplishment that they, and they alone hold. Probably the only team that ever will too. The 0-16 season.

I know I probably posted this before, but I'm in the mood to be depressed about this garbage franchise.

Tribute to the 0-16 Lions:

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