Monday, January 18, 2010

Favre Favre

So...let's talk about the great Brett Favre. Everything should be Farvin' talked about when he plays. The Farvin' Favre is Favrin' Favre IMO.

The Favrin' xyphedrine side effects, are only a short Favre away from a Favrin' Favre.

OK...enough Farvin' Favre. I guess we can safely say that Favre hooked up with a pretty amazing situation by signing with the Vikings eh? Favre has played as well this year as I think he has in any year of his career. Maybe not the offensive numbers we hav e seen,b ut the lack of mistakes have certainly been a pretty important change for him compared to recent years.

I guess we will see if he chokes again in the NFC Championship game, but I have my doubts. I think they may jhust be the best team in the league.

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