Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddy: Make$ Money$

Here's one of those sites that knows how to do it right. With a mixture of tough love and humor she has put together a nice blog to teach others how to Make$ Money$ online. If her About page doesn't draw you in then there is probably something seriously wrong with you. One thing you should check out if you are a blogger and using Adsense is her article Don’t risk getting banned by Google Adsense and kicked out of Google. Definitely some important information.

While I was snooping around her blog I came upon a request to link another site. I figured I'd be a nice guy and give her another nice link to help her our ;).

Holy Spirit Cathedral

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5xmom said...

Awww..Jimi..that is one of the nicest post I have gotten before. Thanks a lot. And thanks for the link to the church. It means a lot to me.