Friday, February 02, 2007

Credit Cards

When you finally get into the real world you need to begin using credit cards for not only convenience, but to help build a reasonable credit. Using the responsibly will help you get an even better loan in the future. On top of those benefits many offer some great rewards for using them. Loyalty points, 0% balance transfers, and even cash back credit cards at times. I have a couple that treat me pretty well and end up getting tons of free stuff from them.

Of course you need to understand how to use them and keep yourself out of serious debt trouble. You should try to compare credit cards too. Credit cards aren't a free pass to buy a bunch of stuff you can't afford. They are for convenience and emergencies. Even credit card companies don't want to find someone who can't repay their debt even if the interest keeps adding on to it. They want to know that you are responsible and they will get their money too for giving you a line of credit to use. LEarn about how they can help you, but at the same time learn how to use them.

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