Friday, February 02, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddies: Odd Planet and Guitar Licks

This guy is a man of my own heart. Sarchastic humor and rock and roll.

A lot like me he takes what idiots do in the world and mocks them with his own twists. His blog Odd Planet is a blog of humor that is right up my alley. One post on here had me scratching my head about a guy that has his nose up someone's ass in A bum view. Definitely good humor and writing style.

This one here though is of greater interest to me. I'm a half assed guitar player that kind of gave up on the trade a few years ago when growing up and having to get a job took more importance, but guitar has always been a great love of mine even if I haven't improved my skills at all in several years. On Guitar Licks he discusses all aspects of playing guitar and I can certainly relate to the hardest tune I can't play, yet. It's awesome to see people still rock with all the hip hop and techno crap out there now. Someone actually playing an instrument? No way. Too bad there isn't a Classic Rock Idol on TV. Sure is hell is better than watching fat chicks try and sing Beyonce or some other no talent ass clown's music.

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