Friday, February 02, 2007

Visit My Blog Buddies: My Single Mom Life

Ms. Kat is a PPP postie I've met on the boards and has been very helpful to me in the world of blog marketing. It seems like forever since I started blogging, but it really hasn't been that long, but thatnks to help from people like Kat I have managed to actually get some PR oon my blogs.

Her blog, My Single Mom Life seems to have slowed down a bit this week. MAybe she decided to say screw it because she told me she is using dial-up this week where she is. I didn't even know they still had dial-up, but apparently they do. Hopefully she will get back to the high-speed stuff soon so she can get posting away her whacky posts. I just looked at her archives under exbastard and had to have a little chuckle. Not that the situations are funny, but the way she writes about them. Keep up the good work Kat.

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kat said...

I'm just now getting to read this after my vacation and dial up hell. Yes, they still offer dial up in some states. ;)

Thanks for the post and for reminding me of those entries. I laugh every time I read them...LOL