Thursday, February 01, 2007

Do you watch soaps?

Don't know what I'm thinking today with all these girly things I'm promoting, but I've never been one to shy away from knowing what women like to talk about anyways so I guess it isn't too much of a suprise. is quite the Soap Opera News site I've been seeing lately by some of the female bloggers. They have been raving about it lately and i must say that the site itself looks like a soap fnatics dream. I'm pretty impressed with how well it looks considering the site has only been around for less than 6 months.

This isn't the point though of why they want me to talk about it. They are looking for some constructive criticism on what they might be able to do to impriove this site. First thing I though of was: "Where's the photos page?" I mean I'm a guy and the first thing I want to see is pictures of hot soap opera women if I'm going to be looking at this site. I'm sure the ladies would certainly be interested in some nice shots of their favorite soap leading men. Other than that I can't really see too much that they can do. The site is really well done and they have virtually any feature a great site could have.

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