Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baseball needs more, not less games on TV

Couldn't agree more buddy, and this article really pisses me off if what he is saying is true about only being able to get the MLB package on DirecTV and not on Dish Network anymore, which I have. I planned on getting this package for the first time this year and if I can't it is going to annoy me to no end. I don't want to watch games on my computer. I have too much other stuff I need to be doing on my computer to have it tied up with baseball games. I want it on my TV so I can work while I watch!

The issue of baseball's satellite-TV package grows more complicated by the day, but here's the essence: Consumers not only get the short end of the deal, they get ridiculed by Bud Selig as their cries of protest are swept under the rug.

Of all the commissioner's ludicrous statements over the years, and they are legion, this one has to rank right near the top: Commenting on Major League Baseball's new exclusive deal with DirecTV -- one that shuts out millions of fans who previously enjoyed the "Extra Innings" package on cable -- Selig called the public and media outcry "ridiculous" and added, "I've heard for years we have too much product out there."


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