Thursday, March 08, 2007

Calhoun left kicking & screaming

It has been a frustrating, disappointing season for UConn basketball. And it finally caught up with Jim Calhoun midway through the second half of a possibly season-ending 78-65 loss to Syracuse in the first round of the Big East Tournament yesterday at the Garden.

A red-faced Calhoun - his team down 62-48 - was hit with a technical foul when he exploded at official Mike Stevens, who Calhoun felt had missed a foul on his sophomore forward Jeff Adrien going to the basket (Stevens called Adrien for a walk instead). Calhoun kicked the scorer's table in disgust, then spun around and started to jaw with Stevens.

TV cameras focused on the dent Calhoun's kick produced.

This wasn't supposed to happen to this storied program, which is just a year removed from being a No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The Huskies weren't supposed to be 17-14, finish 12th in the league and be questionable for an NIT bid. If they miss out on the NIT, it will be the first time in 20 years the Huskies have missed the postseason. read more...

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