Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tigers Flash Potential for Greatness

For more than a decade, the Atlanta Braves were the team that other teams wanted to be. They were a contender year after year. From 1991 through 2005, the Braves won 14 National League East titles in 15 seasons. They were the type of team the Detroit Tigers hope to be over the next few years. There's no secret to doing it, Braves manager Bobby Cox said Wednesday prior to a 4-4, 11-inning tie with Detroit in a game played before a Marchant Stadium crowd of 7,473. read more...

I love Dombrowski. The guy just "gets it" as a GM in the MLB. He drafts pitching, pitching, and more pitching. He signs extra closers every year, or guys that have closer experience.

Now that the Tigers are actual contenders he has 2 big assets to intrigue other teams that are out of it at the trade deadline, or those that need someone to close the door on opponents. I'm a big believer that closers are gold on the trading table. Every year teams are possibly that guy away from making the playoffs. Closers, and former closers have great value to teams. Look at what DD got from Philly when they offed Ugeth Urbina. We got our #2 hitter in Placido Polanco who is one of the best contact hitters in the league and really the driving force in our line up. As Placido goes, the offense goes. The guy has played excellent 2nd base since he came here and has just been a great team guy.

Back to pitching though. Almost our entire rotation is home grown, or will be. Bonderman, Robertson, Andrew Miller (future freak), etc. etc. Dombrowski went out and got the veteran Kenny Rogers that we have been missing to help these young guys learn the game better. On top of that he did one of the best moves you can possibly do when he got Pudge to sign here. A Hall of Fame catcher that knows how to call a game and has passion.

The article has some Bobby Cox quotes in it is why I linked it. Cox is one of my favorite managers and I have always had a lot of respect for the way Atlanta is run.

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