Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Off the Cuff

Got linked by the author of Off the Cuff recently from one of their other sites which is a PR5 page. LEast I can do is give them a few extra links to their blog Off the Cuff and write a short review about it.

Off the Cuff is a site that has the tagline "An Arkansas view of the news, politics, entertainment, you name it." and does everything it says. I found some very interesting categories on this blog and one that stuck out right away was the Shame of America section. You'll have to take a look to see the amazing takes on the many odd things in America today.

Another category of note are his Beyond Bizarre category. This one looks at all kind of weird stuff and news that you may have missed. This blog overall has a lot of interesting takes on the strange things that seem to be going on in the world and is extremely well written. Definitely a must read.

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