Thursday, March 08, 2007

New England a magnet for free agents

Why wouldn't they be? The team is legendary and they run it right. Everyone there knows they are part of a team. They know they are there to win a Super Bowl. Even though they finally got knocked off by the Colts this year you really don't think they are going to roll over and die do you? They use the draft and free agency as well as anyone.

It's been two long seasons since the New England Patriots won a Super Bowl championship -- far too long for many of their fans.
But the organization itself has lost none of its championships luster among the NFL's players.
At least that's the word from the free agents the Patriots have courted and signed this offseason.
From linebacker Adalius Thomas to tight end Kyle Brady to wide receiver Wes Welker -- acquired in a trade from Miami earlier this week -- New England's championship possibilities were among the primary reasons they are coming north to play for Bill Belichick and his band of Patriots.
Welker, speaking on a conference call Wednesday morning, said he has always been jealous of New England's success, particularly since much of it came at his former team's expense. The Patriots have won four consecutive AFC East titles, the first two leading to Super Bowl championships. read more...

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